MPgrading has developed a new patent pending technology that allows us to affix a paper thin security enabled microchip using an acid free adhesive label to the Certificate of Authenticity. This microchip contains all of the pertinent information about that poster and can only be read by our handheld scanner. This small 1" X 3" will give the poster a unique finger print differentiating it from any other poster that has been graded and authenticated by MPgrading.


This unique fingerprint housed in the microchip is full encrypted, completely tamper proof and cannot be forged or duplicated in any way. If the poster is ever resold it can be re-authenticated and graded to insure that no further damage or fading has occurred. If there has been new damage, restoration or fading, the poster is re-fingerprinted and all the new data is updated in the registry and microchip.


MPgrading uses invisible DNA laced ink to mark authenticated posters. This 9-digit invisible ink code is applied to the Certificate of Authenticity and the bottom right corner of the poster.  In other words, the two DNA invisible ink codes on the poster and the Certificate of Authenticity MUST match. The chance of replicating the specific DNA sequence which is unique to MPgrading is 1 in 33 trillion. This DNA sequence is so secure it is admissible in a court of law.