"Finally, an Unbiased and Re-Producible grading system!!!"

A patent pending, computer based point system weights each flaw by its severity and generates a grade. This proprietary grading system was designed by Todd Spoor and tested by Ron Borst and Todd Feiertag to ensure that each poster is graded accurately, consistently and most importantly in an unbiased and reproducible manner.

"Now, through the patent pending computer grading system, no matter who grades a poster, whether they are an expert or a complete novice, if they can count and measure, the grade will always be the same."
-Todd Spoor

Every poster graded has a data sheet with an image of the poster used to record and track all marks, flaws, rips, tears, holes, fading, discoloration, and restoration work.

This information will be part of the permanent record of the poster which can then be crossed checked if the poster is ever resold years later to ensure that the grade is still accurate.