"Three Levels of Unsurpassed Fraud Protection"


At MPgrading we take security against counterfeiting seriously. We have three levels of security so our customers can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are getting what they pay for.

1) DNA Laced Invisible Ink - MPgrading uses invisible organic DNA laced ink to mark authenticated posters. A 9-digit code laced with this DNA ink is placed on the bottom right hand portion of the poster and can be viewed only using a high-frequency UV light. This DNA laced ink cannot be removed and placed on a cheap reproduction. The chances of replicating the specific DNA sequence which is unique to MPgrading is 1 in 33 trillion. This DNA sequence is so secure it is admissible in a court of law.

2) Archival Encrypted Tag - MPgrading affixes a patent pending acid free, paper thin, 1"x 3" tag with an encrypted microchip on to Certificate of Authenticity. The certificate has the 9-digit DNA invisible ink mark which matches the 9-digit invisible ink mark on the front of the poster. This microchip contains all of the pertinent information about the poster. The tag is tamper proof and impossible to duplicate.

3) High Resolution Image - MPgrading takes a high resolution photo which becomes a roadmap for future referencing. This helps verify if the poster is resold by a dealer, collector or individual and that it is indeed the same poster that was tagged by The photos are not adjusted for color or saturation, have not been retouched and every photo is processed the same way.